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How do I edit my goal?

  1. Login to the My Profile Page at  
  2. On the Dashboard click the Edit Info button. 
  3. At step 2, re-select your prize(s) and click submit. 
  4. Agree to the prize order agreement and this will change your fundraising goal. 

How do I order my prize?

You can order your incentive prize/s after the Fundraiser End Date and before the Prize Order Due date. You have two options to do so: 

  1. Login to the My Profile Page at and click the Order My Prize button. select all of the prize/s you wish order and click the Submit button, OR  
  2. Return the back page of the sponsorship form to the school,

How do I add cash donations?

  1. Login to the My Profile Page at
  2. On the Dashboard or your Profile Page click the Add Cash button. 
  3. Enter the amount together with the sponsor’s name and click the Add Money button. 
  4. Confirm the amount added.
  5. The cash amount will appear on both your Profile Page and Dashboard summary. 

How to remove cash donations?

  1. Login to the My Profile Page at
  2. On your Dashboard click the View Page button: this will direct you to your Profile Page. 
  3. Under the Recent Donation section it will display the donations received both online and in cash together with the sponsor’s name.  
  4. Find the cash donation you wish to remove and under the amount there is remove cash donation link. 
  5. Click this link and the cash donation amount will be removed from your Profile Page. 

When will I receive my prizes?

Prizes are delivered to the school and not your residential address after the completion of the fundraiser. Dates vary dependant on how quickly the school finalises the fundraiser, but a normal timeframe is 2-3 weeks after the Prize Order Due Date.   

When can I order my prizes?

At 11.59PM AEST on the Fundraising End Date prize ordering will be activated. You have until the Prize Order End Date to order your prizes. 

You can order your prize online or by returning the back page of the sponsorship form. 

Password reset not working? 

If you are unable to login to the My Profile Page due to an incorrect password you can reset your password at

Please enter the email address attached to your account and click the Submit button. An automated email will be sent with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not receive this email please check your Spam or Junk folder as your email provider may consider it as spam.  

Once I reach my target are prizes automatically ordered?

No they don’t! You will need to order your incentive prizes between the Fundraiser End Date and before the Prize Order Due date. 

Where do I return cash donations to? 

Please complete and return the back page of the sponsorship form together with any cash donations to the school in a clearly marked envelope. 

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