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About Australian Fundraising

Australian Fundraising is a proud family-owned business with a dedicated team of over 100 years of combined fundraising experience. We are the leaders in the fundraising industry exceeding customer's expectations through our unique and innovative fundraising programs and unforgettable customer service. Since 1999, we have assisted in raising over $106M of much needed funds. Australia’s best fundraising ideas are made easy with Australian Fundraising.

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Simply raise $10 or more and your child will be entitled to a fantastic prize. The more they raise the greater the prize they can choose.


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Register and create your Profile Page today. You can choose from a range of avatars, set a fundraising goal and more.

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Family and friends are your greatest supporters so ask them first for your support. Raise funds online or in cash using the sponsorship form.

4. Choose Prizes

Order your prize online or use the sponsorship form. The more sponsorship donations you receive the better the prize you choose!

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